Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Cafe Feedback

The Ernest Bevin College Art Department exhibition that recently took place at Café in the Wood was a great success and here at Bevin we are very proud of our student's work. Here are just some of the responses left in our comments book:

Colourful and cheering on a lovely spring morning - Bella & Ursula
Beautiful colours and flowers to put me in the mood for Spring - Mel
A very ambitious and satisfying exhibition. Well done - Brian C.
Lovely chalk green & red flowers! Beautiful colours - Naj
A very intuitive and inspiring body of natural forms inspired works - especially the linear printmaking and stitch works - H.S.D
Some unusual pictures well thought out and inspiring - Sue
Lovely vivid colours and such bold brush strokes! Very inspiring - Milind
Wonderful colours, beautiful techniques - Aobha

So congratulations to all students who had work in the show, and many thanks to everyone who came to visit!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Student Exhibition

Dear Staff, students, and members of the public,
Ernest Bevin College's Art Department is proud to present an exhibition of student’s work at Coffee in the Wood Café in Colliers Wood, showcasing a range of our student’s skills in Art and Design. The Exhibition will be on until the end of April.
So please come along for a visit, bring friends and family for a coffee and to see how well our students have been doing,
For more information about the café please visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CoffeeInTheWood
or their Twitter:
And for more information about the art department please visit our blog: http://ernestbevinartdept.blogspot.co.uk/
The Art Department
Here are some photographs of the exhibition:
We have a comments book at the café, so if you do visit we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

STEAM: Art & Science

In Biology lessons pupils are taught about anatomy and histology (the study of tissues and cells), and gain knowledge of the human body and organs. Studying tissues and life cycles allows us to comprehend and appreciate our own bodies and the world around us better. But how do Art and Science come together in this area?

Susan Aldworth
A quote from the blog http://blogs.plos.org/attheinterface/2013/06/19/why-art-and-science/ speaks about an artist’s work: “Susan Aldworth’s most recent exploration of human consciousness involves not only brain images, but also brain tissue. This was not done cavalierly: it was done with utmost care and in partnership with the Parkinson’s Brain Bank at Hammersmith Hospital. But, by using the tools of neuroscience as part of her pallet of media, Aldworth is able to provide an insight into ourselves that science itself cannot manage.”
Art combined with science allows us to explore things in a literal and conceptual way, generating real progress and understanding. Here are some great examples of Students work based on examining a partially dissected pig's kidney.


Thursday, 23 February 2017

Botanical Art

Drawing objects from nature starts a dialogue between students and their environment. The analytical techniques they use to visually explore objects can be transposed and applied to all other subjects of STEAM.
Botanical Art was used to record scientific studies and specimens before photography was in use. It is an invaluable resource in Science and Natural History, as well as being beautiful and decorative artefacts; this is just one example of Art being vital to the study of Sciences.

Year 10 BTEC students have been busy working from natural imagery and objects to develop their practice in Art. Here is a small sample of some of the great work they have been producing.




STEAM Status

Ernest Bevin College launched it's STEAM assured status in October, focusing on the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, and we encourage and acknowledge the links between these subjects. Here in the Art department we see wonderful examples of this, and we will be demonstrating a few in this and future blog posts.
Art, creativity and innovation are tightly combined with these other subjects.  Recognising the important role Art plays in supporting student’s other subjects is a process we actively welcome at this school.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Careers in the Arts

As Year 9 Students have had the very important task of choosing their GCSE options this week, Mr Brown recently held an assembly to discuss just some of the careers that following on with education in Art and Design can lead on to. Below is the PowerPoint shown during the assembly:
The Art department looks forward to the current Year 9's beginning their further education in the Arts, and seeing what their creativity will hold. For more information on careers in the arts, please see our ' Careers in Art and Design' Page on this blog.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Smallwood Primary School Visit

Last week we had Year 6 pupils from Smallwood Primary School visit our department. Mr Brown, with the help of Year 9 pupils, lead a class on how to use collage and oil pastels to create unique monoprints; the results were wonderful!
The Process began by pupils cutting out their selected images and arranging them on an A4 sheet in their own design; Ernest Bevin pupils were able to advise and help where needed.
The next step was to colour a sheet of A4 entirely using oil pastels. We saw really bright contrasting colours in lots of different shapes, styles and patterns, the class really experimented with their creativity which was great to see!
Then the final step was to place the collage face up over the oil pastel sheet, and then draw over areas and outlines of the images. This creates a relief effect when peeled back.
When asked what they had thought of the class, some pupil's comments were:
"I have really enjoyed this session because I got to learn new ways of using pastels. It was really fun"
 "I have enjoyed the session because I got to learn new things and be really creative"
We had a great time giving this class and think the results were fantastic - so a big thank you and well done to Smallwood Primary!